Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and provide the greatest in innovative firearms technology to a thriving community of those who look after others, each other, and for those who can’t look out for themselves in times when it counts the most.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help maintain the stability of our security within our given freedoms. It is important to us that all citizens, should they choose too, have a means to protect themselves from all threats, both foreign and domestic. 

Our Company

Red Castle Defense is a modern online retailer that specializes in the sale of firearms parts and accessories. In the last three years we’ve secured sales in both B2B and B2C nationally and internationally and we have begun to move into the tactical equipment and survival industries. By creating a gateway to the best parts and gear manufactures, we in turn create the best opportunities for constructing and modifying a wide range of firearms and tactical gear.

We strive to provide the best solutions we can. Because we maintain our business online and not in a brick and mortar storefront, our overhead is driven down far past that of our competitors leaving a large margin for us to pass savings on to our customers.

Our History

The name and logo of Red Castle Defense were inspired by the United States Army Combat Engineers Regiment Crest, to which our standing CEO, David K. Robinson is proudly a part of.  Red or Scarlet, being one of the two colors the engineers bear, signifies their shared heritage with the Artillery.  The castle symbolizes the classical role of Engineers as those who innovatively build up our fortifications to protect us, and to those who honorably give sacrifice to tear down the walls of our enemies.

Red Castle Defense was founded in 2016 in Houston Texas and was originally started as a small reseller of AR parts. Through the support of our community and our dedication to the industry we chose to redesign our brand in 2017, and then to strategically launch RCD Parts in 2018. The launch of RCD Parts was done because we felt the bar should be raised higher. We felt that to become a leader in our industry and break the mold, we needed to create a better platform for us, our suppliers, and design a cleaner user experience for our customers.

Through our dedication for wanting to create the best and provide the best we’ve attracted some of the greatest brands in the industry to support our name and join our cause. As we continue to innovate our resources we will continue to grow and you will continue to benefit.

This is our past and our future. This is the Red Castle Defense way.